for our Fall 2022 musical


Auditions will be done via video submission.

Videos are due by June 10, 2022.


Please upload you video to Google Drive and send the link to

You can also upload to your Youtube channel, make the video private and email the link.

Please prepare one of the 6 song options below that best suits your voice.   It does not have to be memorized but it should not be sight-read.

Performances are tentatively scheduled for September 16-18, 2022

Auditions are open to anyone -- including non MU students.   Those in the opera are welcome and encouraged to audition but your role in the opera may affect casting in this show.  Please make sure your Fall 2022 schedule allows for ample rehearsals before you choose to audition.   I recommend talking to your applied voice professor prior to auditioning. 


QUARTET (start video at :43)

WICK (start video at :27 -- m. 45)

COME TO MY GARDEN (start video at beginning)

THE GIRL I MEAN TO BE (start video at beginning)

A BIT OF EARTH (start video at 1:10)

HOLD ON (start video at 1:54)



Come to My Garden

Girl I Mean to Be

Bit of Earth

Hold On